Well hello there! I am thrilled (no really, I am) that you found my little blog about cooking, baking and finding some joy in the kitchen.

My name is Jennifer. I am a stay at home mommy  who has just recently gone back to school for the mega challenge of finishing up some classes to soon enter the nursing program. If I could make a living baking- I would, but in the mean time I'm working on finding something else I enjoy and that's taking care of others. 

I feel very privileged to be a stay at home with my two boys for such a long time (even doing some homeschooling as well with them). What I find amazing is how much these two boys have taught me! Both of my guys are in public school now and honestly, I have my days that I wish they weren't but that's just the way life goes sometimes. With my boys getting older - this mama has had to figure out what to do next! 
And in the mean time, I've subsequently learned to cook while 'becoming'  or rather, growing as a mommy in our day to day lives; trying new recipes and perfecting (well, almost) some old family favorites. 
Besides taking care of my children, baking is a huge passion for me. I can seriously be almost as nutty about a cupcake in the oven as I am about my boys' welfare and happiness (ok, not quite- but close)! 
My heroes and inspirations in the kitchen are Julia Child, Martha Stewart, Ina Garten and Ree Drummond and of course, my beloved mother Sharon. Each of these dynamic and intuitive women bring something special to their recipes and it's hard to express how much I respect all of them.

  After loosing my mom a short while ago, I have found some deep peace while baking. My mood lightens with the idea of what or when I'm going to make or create something new. I even feel closer to my mom with every cupcake I bake. Mom always made it look easy--  she was one of those mamas that could be counted on to make somethin' outta nuthin! Her meals had the special ingredient of love ~ and I know many of you get what I mean ... it was honestly just that extra something that made the entire experience of dinner together as a family that became many beautiful memories that I cherish still today. And this sort of  precious family memory making is what I'd like to create for my own children today.

I do so hope that I can provide a tiny piece of happiness to anyone that peers into my kitchen through this silly little blog. Thank you so much for stopping by ~ Happy baking to you!
- Jennifer 

“Life itself is the proper binge.”
Julia Child

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